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Jobs and the Economy

In his years in the House of Delegates, Todd has worked to make Virginia one of the top states in America to do business.  By keeping his promise never to raise taxes and working against burdensome regulations, Leader Gilbert has helped Virginia withstand the economic downturn better than most states.  He strongly believes in Virginia’s right-to-work laws and voted to make them part of our state constitution because he knows they contribute to job creation in Virginia.  Todd believes that those seeking a good paying job should not be forced to join a labor union and has been awarded the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s “Champion of Free Enterprise Award” for having a 100% pro-business voting record and holds an “A” rating from the Chamber for his votes to protect economic liberty.  In 2013, he has also helped to strengthen Virginia’s job market by passing legislation to help reduce frivolous lawsuits, and was awarded the “Advocate in Legal Reform Award” by the Chamber of Commerce for his efforts.

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